Estate Planning

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Here at Denson & Co., LLC we extensively believe that every client deserves personalized attention and a customized approach to their financial objectives. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve financial security and peace of mind through comprehensive financial and estate planning. 

Financial and estate planning are compelling aspects of a person’s economic and financial well-being. While financial planning focuses on managing one’s finances during their lifetime, estate planning involves the transfer of assets after a person’s death. Denson & Co., LLC assists clients with their financial plans and goals. We take the time to get to know each client, and their unique financial situation to cope with the many processes of business. 

Let us learn more about how Denson & Co., LLC can assist you in securing your financial future and legacy.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning refers to the orderly management and distribution of your assets in the event of death or incapacity. It involves deciding who will receive your assets, how they will be distributed, and who will manage them. 

Estate planning is crucial for several reasons. First, it allows you to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your aspirations. Without a proper estate plan, your assets may be distributed according to state laws, which may not reflect your desires or intentions.

What are the Main Pillars of Estate Planning?

There are five main pillars of estate planning and these are;

1. Determine your will and trust.

These legal documents outline how you want your assets to be distributed after death. A will is a document that allows you to specify how your assets will be distributed and who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes. On the other hand, a trust is a legal arrangement that allows you to transfer ownership of your assets to a trustee who will manage them on behalf of your beneficiaries.

2. Designation of beneficiaries.

These are designations on financial accounts, life insurance policies, retirement plans, and other assets that determine who will receive them after you pass away. It’s essential to regularly review and update beneficiary designations to ensure they reflect your current wishes.

3. Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that designates someone to make financial and/or medical decisions if one becomes incapacitated or incompetent to produce necessary choices for himself.

4. Create a desirable tax plan.

Estate planning also involves considering tax implications, such as estate, gift, or income taxes, and minimizing their impact on your assets and beneficiaries.

5. Healthcare Directives.

This legal document delineates your aims for medical treatment if you cannot communicate your desires. It may also designate a healthcare proxy to decide for you if necessary.

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